Osmosis Repair – 100′ vessel

This repair became a major project due to the degree of marine osmosis discovered and also because of the number of structural repairs required to the boat hull.

The vessel was hauled on to a dirty, messy covered slipway for the work so initially the area had to be cleaned up ready for peeling of the gelcoat. For this job Gelplanes were used and plywood flooring was installed throughout the work area.
Peeling took a considerable time as after the gelcoat was removed and test peels taken it was decided that three full peels were required.
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A blister area can be clearly seen in the photo at top left and after peeling test holes were bored into the area of bottom longitudinal and transverse stringers to ascertain the amount of water ingress. As can be seen the stringers were discharging osmotic fluid.

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When peeling was complete the drying system was applied, in this case HotVac, and drying was continued on a 24 hour basis until the majority of the hull was at an acceptable moisture content. Infra red heating was then applied to all stringer areas until these also showed moisture levels within the allowed limits.

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To be continued…